History of GrainGage™

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In the early days of agriculture research, workers had no other option but to hand-measure their plot samples or jerry-rig buckets and handheld sensors to their combine in an effort to collect data. These methods took too much time and often produced inconclusive results. Sensors couldn’t be calibrated to compensate for variables that impacted the weight of each sample, making it almost impossible to correlate any meaningful results. HarvestMaster™ saw this problem and worked with researchers to provide a solution. At first, HarvestMaster helped install custom weigh systems integrated with our data collection handhelds, and through those efforts, we saw the industry needed a fully integrated commercial solution.

In 1996, HarvestMaster developed the first complete on-combine grain measurement system, known as the GrainGage™. Now equipped with a moisture sensor and 3-point weigh chamber, researchers were propelled forward within the market because of the amount of accurate data they could collect and use for analysis. Next, HarvestMaster developed the High Capacity GrainGage, designed for larger grains, and included algorithms that compensated for the slope and motion of the harvester.

What’s New

With the development of the H2 GrainGage product line, HarvestMaster has taken the best of the original GrainGages and put them into a newer, more advanced system. The H2 family has improved slope and motion compensation, digital signal processing, enhanced measurement algorithms, improved cabling, and vibration isolation, which together provide plot weight, test weight, and moisture accuracies unmatched in the industry.

Along with these improvements, the H2 product line works hand-in-hand with Mirus™ , HarvestMaster’s updated data collecting software. Mirus allows researchers to view data in real-time, take notes associated with plots, view data in various ways, and many other features. Mirus is a key component that allows researchers to get the most out of their GrainGages by giving them access to data quicker and in a more organized, user-friendly fashion.

All Shapes and Sizes

Our customer’s needs drive HarvestMaster. We want to make your jobs as easy as possible and recognize one size does not fit all when it comes to seed research. For this reason, we have developed four different GrainGages to address a variety of needs.


The H2 Classic is modeled after our original GrainGage that we developed over 20 years ago. It can hold up to 30 pounds of grain and is ideal for any small-plot cereal crop application. The H2 Classic, like the H2 Single and Twin, controls the grain flow from the plot to the test chamber, which is critical for consistent grain compaction leading to increased moisture and test weight measurement accuracy. Our GrainGages have the most accurate plot weight, test weight, and moisture measurements in the industry.


The H2 Single GrainGage maximizes capacity without compromising on accuracy. Different from the H2 Classic, this GrainGage holds up to 80 pounds of grain, making it perfect for researchers collecting data on large-plot, high-volume grain samples. At HarvestMaster, we understand the importance of cycle speed and know just a few seconds of delay on each plot can add up. Our H2 Single, like the H2 Classic, provides an amazing 6-second cycle time.


Very similar to the H2 Single GrainGage, this model also has an 80-pound grain weight capacity. What sets this GrainGage apart is its harvesting abilities. While the other H2 GrainGages excel at harvesting single plots, the H2 Twin is the only model to collect data from two plots through one weigh mechanism. For this reason, corn researchers especially favor this GrainGage. Twin-harvesting combines can use this GrainGage to analyze the crops of each plot without mixing them together. Each plot is measured separately but within the same GrainGage weigh system; because of this, the weight for each sample has been calibrated the same and can then be correlated. The H2 Twin maximizes time by allowing users to harvest faster than ever before, so more time can be spent analyzing results and coming to conclusions quicker.


The H2 Stationary is an affordable, entry-level option for obtaining accurate data measurements off-combine. If researchers need a mobile option for measuring grain or are monitoring hand-harvested crops, this is the perfect option. Made with the customer in mind, this GrainGage is a complete setup without additional attachments to worry about; it operates with a 12-volt battery that can also power the device running Mirus. Unlike our other GrainGages, the H2 Stationary has a storage compartment for the calibration weight, making it easy to find when calibrating or checking weight readings. The GrainGage weighs 65 pounds and has compact, foldable legs, making it easy to transport and set up for two people.

Continuing to Improve

At HarvestMaster, we know that accurate and fast results make all the difference when it comes to introducing new seed varieties to the market. The current plot weight accuracy on our GrainGages continues to improve through technology like slope and motion compensation. We continually strive to improve the plot weight and data accuracy with every update we make to our GrainGages. Customer needs are the driving force behind each of our products.

That driving force has led to the development of a new generation of GrainGage. This new GrainGage will allow for even more data to be collected at the time of harvest. Featuring an NIR sensor integrated into the GrainGage, researchers will be able to collect moisture, oil, and protein measurements while in the field. We are excited to share more about this new GrainGage in the coming months.

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