An introduction to Casma™

by | Jan 26, 2022 | Casma | 0 comments

HarvestMaster™ is committed to providing customers with innovative products to help customers get the most data out of their crops. HarvestMaster’s roots run deep in crop measurement. With Casma™, HarvestMaster has brought those same principles to the root crop industry. Over the years, Casma has grown in popularity as precision agriculture technology has become an essential component to any commercial grower wanting to be competitive in today’s industry.

Casma was designed to increase farm profitability, provide a visual map of crop performance, and view data minutes after it has been collected. Casma can measure the weight of most root crop as it is being harvested, allowing for an efficient way to collect data that leads to faster results so farmers can spend more time analyzing their data rather than getting caught up in the data collection process and making errors along the way.

Allowing for more profit and visibility

Casma increases farm profitability by helping farmers identify underperforming areas to help growers determine what changes they need to make to maximize their yields. Casma measures the weight of potatoes being harvested, and that data is attached to a GPS location which is then turned into a map that can help farmers better understand their fields. With hardware that can mount to almost any potato harvester, users will need is a GPS receiver to get started.

The heat maps created with Casma are essential for a grower to understand their field fully. Visualizing a harvest allows users to understand their data and come to conclusions more quickly. It also helps farmers come up with solutions faster as well. If there is an issue that has something to do with location or soil rather than crop, it will be easy to tell using the heat map. This data is saved and uploaded as it is collected. Casma’s easy-to-use user interface is available to use on existing in-cab displays so operators can view field performance while harvesting.

Data is also sent to so that users can access their data at any time in any place. Even while an operator is harvesting, another user can log in to and access yield maps, reports on the field and harvester, and truck load data. Data viewing is customizable in mycasma, and users can be as specific or broad as they want when analyzing their results. The data in mycasma can be exported and used is also compatible with as well.

Data to learn from

At HarvestMaster, we know many different things can impact yield, and we want to give users as much data as possible to help growers know what they can do to have the most successful harvest. Whether a grower is testing out different seed varieties, chemical applications, or making other changes during the growing process, the results of those changes can be visualized and compared using Casma.

Casma also compiles data and provides reports to help users further optimize their harvest. Casma helps farmers know about harvester performance and truck load information. Users can enter a truck ID as they load trucks so that weight can be more closely monitored. Overloading complications and other transportation issues are minimized with this data.

HarvestMaster believes in building relationships with our users, and we are here to support you in any way we can through our customer service team. We have worked hard to make Casma setup and installation an easy process. The first step to bringing Casma to your farm is making sure your harvester is suited for Casma. Give us a call today, and we are happy to help you have a more profitable farm.