Meet HarvestMaster Europe

by | Apr 20, 2022 | Company Updates | 0 comments

HarvestMaster has been serving the seed research community for over 25 years, but did you know we have a branch in Europe? Since 2015 HarvestMaster has been providing services to customers across the globe for a more direct customer service experience.


In 2014, the founder of HarvestMaster, Ron Campbell, saw the need to have a more localized headquarters in Europe to strengthen relationships with current customers and establish new ones. Working with the European seed research community allows HarvestMaster to understand better how we can address our customers’ unique needs and requests, helping them get the most out of their partnership. 

By 2015 HarvestMaster had opened its first business outside of the United States with a new office in Austria. Having a location in Austria ensures excellent customer care and services for the European Market. Rather than interacting with people overseas who may not understand your goals or market, HarvestMaster knows that face-to-face interactions with people who have local experience provide customers with the best support.


Florian Nöhammer, an Austrian native, is the managing director of HarvestMaster Europe. He understands the inner workings of agricultural research and wants to help users access innovative and efficient products that will propel them forward. HarvestMaster Europe offers all the services that customers would have access to in North America. Whether you need a weigh system retrofitted to your harvester, maintenance services, or are searching for spare parts. Our spare parts warehouse in Europe and on-the-ground support mean reliability during harvest season. HarvestMaster Europe also offers personal on-site training to show you everything you need to know to get the most out of our products, whether that’s learning more about calibration, harvesting settings, or data collection. 

Our employees have roots in agriculture and are passionate about helping customers reach their goals. Field Application Engineers, such as Kilian Prähofer, are more easily accessible and provide our users with a more personable hands-on experience. No matter your need, HarvestMaster has a close-by team ready to help. Contact us by phone at +43 7242219333 or email to learn more about what we can do for you.