What should potato farmers look for in a yield monitor?

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Visualizing data is an essential component of precision agriculture. In commercial agriculture, growers are always trying to determine the best crop for their environment and the best way to take care of it. Farmers want to maximize their harvest, but without yield maps, it is difficult to know what is really working.  Yield Maps help growers identify problem and success areas, understand their fields, and better plan for future harvests. In this article, we will discuss what potato farmers should look for when choosing a yield monitor.

Accuracy & Precision

Having accurate and precise data is arguably the most critical factor in research agriculture. If your data isn’t correct, it doesn’t matter how easy it is to visualize it. HarvestMaster™ doesn’t compromise accuracy for accessibility. Our engineering team has worked hard to maximize what sensors can tell you, by utilizing a deep knowledge of reading sensor signals and by considering all the variables. Casma™ considers tractor speed, belt speed, slope, and motion when measuring tubers to ensure your data is as accurate and precise as possible. In most instances, the yield monitor is calibrated once per season to compensate for those factors, giving all users peace of mind that the data they are capturing will be reliable for decision making.

Not only should the weight of crops be accurate, but their location as well. In most instances, the Casma system utilizes the same high-accuracy GPS receiver that is used for things like steering control.  With high-level GPS accuracy, you can have confidence that all your spatial data is right where it needs to be.


When using a yield monitor, there are some nice benefits to having quick access to the data., Growers can benefit from seeing what has happened in their fields in near real-time. Casma sends yield data to mycasma.com every few minutes, so farm managers can understand what is going on in their fields and act accordingly.


When operating harvesting equipment, there is a lot to pay attention to.  Casma was designed to be very simple to operate and to work on the display that is already in the cab, being used by the grower.  Users can focus almost completely on the task of harvesting while Casma takes care of most of the details. 


Casma is built to automatically pass all the data to the cloud for easy access.  Users simply log in to mycasma.com to see the data that has been captured.  In addition to yield maps, users can see detailed information about each specific harvester, and specific fields, see data results from a specific day in the season and see critical information about truck loads.  All this data is easy to export to other tools, such as GIS software or excel. Consult with a representative today to see what HarvestMaster can do for you.

Want to learn more?

A yield monitor system that is accurate, efficient, simple, and allows growers to be informed about field performance in ways that are hugely beneficial. HarvestMaster uses the best technology on the market to give potato growers a product they can rely on. Contact us today to learn more about Casma, myCasma.com, and how we can improve your next harvest.