HarvestMaster™ launches H3 GrainGage™ with NIR technology

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Logan, UT – HarvestMaster by Juniper Systems is excited to launch the new H3 GrainGage™. Built-in partnership with NIR industry leader SCiO™, the new H3 GrainGage introduces world-class near-infrared (NIR) sensing, creating the first fully integrated on-combine NIR harvest data collection system. HarvestMaster is now taking orders for this next-generation on-combine measurement system.

“Integrating SCiO’s NIR technology into our GrainGages is a huge step forward in seed research,” said Ray Newman, HarvestMaster Product Manager. “HarvestMaster’s GrainGages are the most trusted system in the world, and this advancement will drastically improve efficiency and be an invaluable asset to the future of the industry.”

The H3 GrainGage offers moisture, protein, and oil predictions resulting from ready-to-use NIR calibrations for many crops, and custom calibrations can be created to meet individual needs. Gone are the days of bagging and shipping samples for offsite analysis. Get the data you need right in the field from calibrations derived from thousands of samples analyzed in trusted laboratories.

“We’re excited to offer this technology at a low cost compared to other on-combine NIR options and traditional NIR benchtop units,” said Newman. “This partnership with SCiO will provide lasting benefits and make the upgraded H2 GrainGage, new H3, and future HarvestMaster GrainGages essential tools for harvest data collection.”

HarvestMaster is honored that the H2 GrainGage is one of the most popular and commonly used on-combine data collection tools used in research agriculture.  For those who already have an H2 GrainGage and want the fully integrated on-combine NIR analysis offered by the H3, HarvestMaster is also offering an H2 NIR Upgrade Kit, which converts an H2 GrainGage to an H3 on location.

“It was important to us to support the many H2 GrainGage owners already out there,” said Newman. “The H2 is used all across the ag research industry, and we wanted to bring this advancement in technology to them as well.”

The H3 GrainGage and H2 NIR Upgrade Kits will begin shipping in March 2023. To place an order, for questions, or to learn more about the H3 and its capabilities, please reach out to us or visit our product page.

About HarvestMaster™

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