HarvestMaster visits Africa

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Company Updates, GrainGage | 0 comments

Specializing in agricultural research technology for over 30 years, HarvestMaster brings high-quality electronic data recording devices and software to researchers everywhere. Our mission is to deliver innovative first-class products to our customers. We now support over 1000 customers all across the world.

After a recent purchase of 13 Stationary GrainGages by the Operations and Phenotyping group,  HarvestMaster completed on-site training for the researchers and field users. Working with CGIAR Excellence in Breeding Staff and National Agricultural Research and Innovation Systems (NARIS) groups, these trainings were held in East and West Africa in Ibadan, Nigeria, and Njoro, Kenya. The Operations and Phenotyping group plans to use these Stationary GrainGages across East, West, and Southern African seed research locations. The training sessions included demonstrations, webinars, manuals, videos, and additional resources.

During the trainings, HarvestMaster was able to provide information regarding the GrainGage setup process, as well as information about the calibrations and mechanics.

After going over how to use the GrainGage, Sales Account Manager Allen Wilson led a simulated field harvest. By running samples through the Stationary GrainGage, Wilson demonstrated how users would operate the GrainGage in the field. This allowed users to see how the Stationary GrainGage can collect weight and moisture measurements with Mirus. The trainings also provided information on how to create heatmaps and plot fields using Mirus.

Purchasing a lightweight stationary weigh system that you can use simultaneously while harvesting saves researchers time and money. Instead of harvesting and bringing all the samples back to their seed processing facility, users can efficiently get their data in the field.

In addition to the trainings on how to operate the equipment, HarvestMaster provided information about slope and motion calibrations within the GrainGage. We know that the research done with our hardware and software can change the world, so it needs to be accurate. The H2 Stationary GrainGage and other devices are carefully calibrated and equipped with high-quality sensors to ensure researchers have the most accurate data possible. High-quality data ensures that researchers can make improvements to their yield and quality faster. Data researchers can trust also allows them to be confident in decision-making and spend less time rechecking and second-guessing their results.

HarvestMaster has a long history in agricultural and seed research; our products and service reflect that. We know what variables need to be taken into account when calibrating, we know how to troubleshoot our devices, and we understand the needs researchers face. Researchers in Africa and across the globe can be confident they are getting data they can trust when they use HarvestMaster equipment.

All of this and more ensures users will get the best support possible with HarvestMaster. Our world-class support is available year-round, not just during harvest season.

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