Casma™ is now compatible with John Deere®

by | Aug 21, 2023 | Casma, Company Updates | 0 comments

HarvestMaster is excited to announce that Casma™ is compatible with the John Deere Operation Center™ software. Potato farmers no longer need to juggle between two farm management software programs to keep track of their data. Now, farmers have the option of uploading their harvest data directly to the John Deere Operation Center through Casma. In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits farmers who use John Deere equipment will be able to see if they integrate Casma into their operation.


With this latest update to Casma, those who use John Deere equipment can now see their yield map being created live in the cab while harvesting. Potato farmers can monitor their harvest as it’s happening rather than waiting until the end of the day to analyze their yield. Farmers who have the John Deere Specialty Crop Controller don’t need to purchase additional tools or devices to run Casma from their John Deere harvester. Casma integrates fully with John Deere and their in-cab monitors, so farmers can install Casma on their harvesters and get to work.

Casma creates heatmaps while harvesting, allowing farmers and operators to see their yield as it is harvested in real-time. These heatmaps allow farmers to visualize the volume of their yield and have a better overall understanding of their farm. Organizing data with heatmaps means identifying problem areas in a field has never been easier. Over time, farmers can use these heatmaps to compare their harvests each year and see how their farm has improved. In addition, yield maps allow farmers to validate many types of farming practices that might be worth testing.

These maps use real-time location to provide farmers with accuracy they can count on. So, if any issues or malfunctions occur while harvesting, the problem will be noticed immediately because of the in-cab data viewing. This prevents farmers from incorrectly recording data and allows issues to be addressed quickly without wasting any time.


Now, farmers who use the John Deere farm management software can keep all their data in one easy and accessible place. HarvestMaster knows that John Deere Operations Center provides farmers with a lot of additional information that keeps their farms running smoothly, and we want to help with that. By integrating with John Deere, users don’t have to worry about exporting, transferring, and uploading data at the end of a workday.

Farmers can stay organized knowing that their farm information is on one platform. This not only is more convenient, but it simplifies data collection and minimizes errors as well. Having a complete understanding of your farm in one location makes it easier to view data from years prior. If farmers want to compare their current harvest to a previous one or have questions about their loading trucks’ prior performance, they don’t have to worry about where they stored that data; now, it is all in one place.

At HarvestMaster, we strive to make farming a more efficient and convenient process. Now that Casma is compatible with John Deere Operations Center, John Deere farmers can harvest their root crops with confidence, knowing that they are getting accurate data without extra hassle.

To learn more about the Casma and John Deere integration, or to get set up, contact us today.