Casma™ is compatible with John Deere Operations Center™ software. 

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Logan, UT – HarvestMaster is excited to announce that Casma™ Yield Monitor is now compatible with the John Deere Operations Center™ software. Potato farmers no longer need to juggle between two farm management software programs to keep track of their data. Now, farmers have the option of uploading their harvest data directly to the John Deere Operations Center through the John Deere specialty crop controller utilizing Casma-captured data. 

“We always want to make work easier for our customers. Updating Casma so that it can more easily integrate with John Deere products is something we are excited to offer our customers,” said Gustavo Amorim, manager at HarvestMaster. “Now, those that use John Deere Operations Center can use Casma without the hassle of keeping track of their data or waiting until the end of the day to see their harvest results.” 

With this latest update to the Casma Yield Monitor, those who use John Deere Operations Center can now see their yield map being created live in the cab while harvesting. Casma integrates fully with John Deere and their in-cab monitors, meaning farmers can monitor their harvest as it’s happening without needing to purchase additional equipment. Casma also creates heatmaps while harvesting to help farmers better visualize their yield. 

“Organizing data with heatmaps means identifying problem areas in a field has never been easier,” said Amorim. “Over time, farmers can use these heatmaps to compare their harvests each year and see how their farm has improved.” 

Casma’s latest update is now available for all current Casma owners and available for purchase for anyone interested. To place an order, ask questions, or learn more about the Casma Yield Monitor, please reach out to us or view our product page.