HarvestMaster Introduces the Generic Harvest System

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At HarvestMaster, we recognize that there are researchers who want access to Mirus, our data collection software, but they do not have GrainGage system. Mirus provides researchers with reliable data that can be housed in a centralized location and simplifies the data collection process. The Generic Harvest System by HarvestMaster offers a solution that allows a broader use of Mirus in the field without purchasing a GrainGage. In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of the Generic Harvest System.


The Generic Harvest System is an ideal solution for a diverse range of research equipment crop researchers use. Cotton researchers, silage and forage production researchers, and small-scale grain research organizations can benefit from implementing the Generic Harvest System in their operations. Using load cells and HarvestMaster’s electronics, researchers can expect reliable plot weight data to be recorded and viewed as they harvest. With the addition of a HarvestMaster EM Moisture sensor, moisture data can also be recorded for grains.

HarvestMaster is passionate about meeting our customers where they are, so our engineers and field service technicians will work hard to customize the Generic Harvest System on what researchers already have. If users already have a bucket, belt, or basket to collect plot weight, we can interface and collect data with that system. The Generic Harvest System can also work with twin plot cotton harvesters and harvesters with older combine buckets that don’t support a GrainGage. HarvestMaster provides a moisture sensor if researchers are interested in measuring moisture.


Research is conducted all across the world at varying scales. At HarvestMaster, we understand that every organization has its own unique requirements for collecting in-field plot data. We don’t want researchers to feel like they need to upgrade all of their equipment to access the benefits of our products. The Generic Harvest System bridges that gap for researchers. At an affordable price, researchers can use the Generic Harvest System to collect quality data without breaking the bank.

Screen for every need

With GHS, researchers can access all the benefits of Mirus. With that in mind, Mirus can be customized to meet any researcher’s needs. Researchers can view up to four sets of data at a time using the quad-view screen while harvesting. Mirus makes it possible to monitor sensors while seeing a real-time display of collected data, a graph of the average plot weight, and a spreadsheet of all collected data. Below is a list of screens researchers can access when they purchase GHS.

  • Information Screen: Shows live data from the most recently harvested plot.
  • List: Displays accumulating data in spreadsheet format.
  • Cycle: Tracks the plot, weight, moisture (if EM sensor installed) for each cycle.
  • Real-Time Weight: Displays live data of the weight being collected.
  • Diagnostics: Allows users to monitor the sensors between each plot.

Researchers who purchase GHS can also buy any of the additional Mirus plugins that are relevant to them. Things like cone planters and field applicators can be controlled with Mirus. For more information on Mirus plugins, check our website for a complete list. 

Customer service

HarvestMaster has been working with researchers for over 25 years. We are bringing reliable data collection tools and software to organizations worldwide. We pride ourselves on the support we give our customers. Our team will come on-site to install GHS and answer any questions you may have. If additional questions arrive, our team is just a phone call away.

Working with a wide range of research operations over the years, HarvestMaster has continued to adapt our products to address the needs of any research operation better. The Generic Harvest System is the latest addition of such products. With GHS, cotton researchers can now use Mirus to collect reliable data that can be stored in a central location. Forage and silage researchers can access accurate plot data to help them make informed decisions because of GHS. If you aren’t sure if GHS will work with your operation or if you are ready and want to revolutionize the way you collect data, call us today.