Learn more about the H2 NIR Upgrade Kit

by | Jan 31, 2023 | GrainGage | 0 comments

With the launch of the H3 GrainGage™ with SCiO™ NIR, HarvestMaster wants H2 GrainGage users to know they are not being left behind. Along with designing the new H3 GrainGage that gathers more data than ever before, HarvestMaster has also created the H2 NIR Upgrade Kit for anyone who already owns an H2 GrainGage but wants to expand their data collection capabilities. This kit essentially converts an H2 into an H3 GrainGage right in the field. This upgrade allows H2 owners to take advantage of H3 technology without having to purchase a new GrainGage. From ready-to-use calibrations to an easy setup process, the H2 NIR Upgrade Kit is an affordable option for current H2 GrainGage users. 


Everything we do at HarvestMaster is with our customers in mind. In addition to easy installation and ready-to-use calibrations, HarvestMaster has also made the H2 NIR Upgrade Kit incredibly affordable.  With so many H2 GrainGages already in the field, we wanted to provide an option that allowed current H2 owners access to H3 on-combine NIR data without needing to replace their H2. At a fraction of the cost of other NIR options, we developed the H2 NIR Upgrade Kit to save users time and resources.

NIR Calibrations

The H2 NIR Upgrade Kit is an excellent option for those interested in an H3 but already own an H2. With the kit, the upgraded H2 measures more than just weight, test weight, and moisture. In addition to more accurate moisture, the H2 can measure protein and oil depending on the crop. We’re also working on expanding the calibration portfolio for even more crops and constituents and offer the option of building custom calibrations specific to your needs. These calibrations are available to you starting day one and are updated and maintained for you every year, so you don’t need any prior NIR experience. To learn more about all the benefits of having on-combine NIR technology,  check out our other blog posts about H3.

Easy set up

HarvestMaster has made it easy to take advantage of all the H2 NIR Upgrade Kit has to offer. One of HarvestMaster’s field service professionals is happy to come onsite and perform the entire installation taking only a couple of hours. We will be in and out before you know it. However, if users would rather install the upgrade themselves, they can call HarvestMaster anytime for support. Don’t forget, direct support from HarvestMaster doesn’t stop with installation; we are always just a phone call away to answer any questions and help users troubleshoot their issues.


The H2 NIR Upgrade Kit is ready to provide data immediately following installation. The software includes ready-to-use calibrations, meaning you don’t have to spend time or resources developing your own. HarvestMaster has worked with industry NIR expert, SCiO, to ensure users get the most accurate data available.

Contact us today if you are ready to upgrade your harvest data or have questions about the H2 NIR Upgrade Kit.