Which GrainGage is right for you?

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HarvestMaster works with a wide range of research agriculture professionals to maximize grain data collection while saving money. The GrainGage™ was developed so that researchers could gather crop data right on the combine while harvesting, saving valuable time and money while providing top-of-the-line accuracy.

HarvestMaster’s GrainGage has grown and evolved over the last 20 years to best fit customer needs. The expanding GrainGage family has several options to fit in place with any operation. All are equipped with reliable, accurate measurement capabilities as well as world-class customer support. But with so many options, it can be difficult to navigate which GrainGage best fits your individual needs. This is a guide for those interested in adding a GrainGage to their operation but are unsure which GrainGage is best for them.


With the recent release of the H3 GrainGage, our on-combine weigh systems now come with two different measuring capabilities. Researchers can now choose how thorough they want their data to be.


As the newest and most advanced addition to the GrainGage line,  H3 GrainGages allows users to collect more data than ever before. Equipped with NIR technology from SCIO™, the H3 GrainGage allows researchers to collect moisture, protein, and oil measurements, as well as plot and test weight, right on the combine during harvest. The H3 is also equipped with ready-to-use NIR calibrations, so researchers don’t have to spend time building and maintaining their own. For those looking to replace their benchtop NIR systems or seeking a more in-depth profile of their crops at a fraction of the cost of other on-combine NIR options, the H3 is the best choice.

For sizing options, the H3 is available in our Classic, Single, and Twin sizes. A more in-depth description of these sizes can be found below.

For those who already have a GrainGage but want access to H3 NIR  data, there is an upgrade option available. The upgrade kit converts an H2 GrainGage into an H3 with an easy setup process. The upgrade kit is also available for our Classic, Single, and Twin models.


The H2 GrainGages are modeled after the original GrainGage HarvestMaster developed over 20 years ago but with significant enhancements like Digital Signal Processing and Anti-Aliasing Technology. With HarvestMaster’s patented Slope and Motion weight compensation, users get the same reliable plot and test weight accuracy that comes with the H3 and a moisture prediction derived from HarvestMaster’s proven EM Sensor. Fast, accurate, and reliable on-combine data collection for agriculture research has never been more achievable.

For sizing, the H2 is available in our Classic, Single, and Twin sizes, as well as a Stationary option.


After researchers determine their data needs, it’s time to consider what size GrainGage works best. HarvestMaster has a wide range of sizes that accommodate different harvesters as well as different crops. All H2 & H3 GrainGages provide real-time measurements to users as they are harvesting.


The H2 and H3 Classic GrainGage is an excellent size that fits the needs of a typical seed researcher. With a Plot Bucket that holds up to 0.57 US Bu (20 L), it is an ideal option for small-plot cereal crop operations.


With a larger capacity than the Classic, the H2 and H3 Single is a great match for growers harvesting larger, high-yielding plots, such as corn and soybeans. The Single GrainGage has a 1.53 US Bu (54 L) capacity and is engineered to take on a heavier load than the Classic without impacting data results or overloading components.


The H2 and H3 Twin is a Single GrainGage with the addition of Twin Hoppers mounted on top. Each Twin Hopper has a capacity of 1.11 US Bu (39 L) when filled or 0.82 US Bu (29 L) to the top of the Level Detects. The Twin GrainGage is designed to be mounted on a twin-plot combine but measures each plot through a single set of sensors by sequentially moving the grain, which eliminates any side-by-side bias that other products on the market commonly experience. For researchers utilizing a twin plot combine, the Twin GrainGage is the best on-combine weigh system option.


There has been a growing demand for a weigh system that doesn’t need to be mounted on a combine or harvester. Our Stationary GrainGage comes with the H2 data collection capacity and is a mobile GrainGage option.

H2 Stationary

The H2 Stationary was designed as an affordable, entry-level option for acquiring accurate data measurements off-combine. Leveraging “H2 Technology” used in the H2 Classic, this simplified GrainGage is ideal for hand harvesters requiring a mobile option for measuring grain weight and moisture. Accompanied by a 12-volt power source and portable thresher, the lightweight H2 Stationary GrainGage is ideal for quick mobility and data repeatability.

H2 StationaryH2 ClassicH2 SingleH2 TwinH3 ClassicH3 SingleH3 Twin
Plot WeightXXXXXXX
Test WeightXXXXXX
M2.0 MoistureXXXXXX
SCiO NIR Moisture/Protein/Oil*XXX
Custom SCiO NIR Calibrations*XXX
On CombineXXXXXX
Weigh Hopper Volume**0.96 US Bu (34L)0.57 US Bu (20L)1.53 US Bu (54L)1.53 US Bu (54L)0.57 US Bu (20L)1.53 US Bu (54L)1.53 US Bu (54L)
Twin Hopper Volume**1.11 US Bu (39L) Full
0.82 US Bu (29L) level detect
1.11 US Bu (39L) Full
0.82 US Bu (29L) level detect
Twin Plot CapabilityXX
*Contact HarvestMaster for details. **For hopper weight capacity, use the following formula: Test Weight [lb/bu] x Hopper Volume [L] x 0.028 = lbs

While the specifics around each GrainGage vary, all are equipped with unbeatable accuracy and performance. HarvestMaster has designed and calibrated our GrainGages so that researchers have data they can trust. As customer needs continue to grow, the GrainGage line will as well. We will frequently update this guide as more GrainGages are developed.  

Still deciding? Contact us today to find the right fit for you.