HarvestMaster Introduces the Alvo™ Field Applicator

by | Aug 7, 2023 | Alvo, Company Updates | 0 comments

HarvestMaster is excited to announce the launch of our newest product, the Alvo™ Field Applicator. Equipment that allows operators to control sprayers and spreaders using GPS for an efficient application process. Alvo is a total hardware and software solution that can be installed on most current liquid applicators. Alvo allows for easy application across every plot and is now available for purchase. From eliminating errors to easy integration, learn more about Alvo’s features that can step up your seed research. 

Reduce inaccuracies with automation.

With Alvo, applying an array of treatments to test plots has never been simpler. Using imported maps that identify which treatments to apply on each plot, all users need to do is drive. Using GPS location, Alvo reads the map and then turns on the corresponding treatment at the appropriate time for each plot. This automation minimizes human error and allows researchers to confidently know exactly what they are putting on their crops. Alvo can control up to 24 sprayer booms at a time, saving users time and minimizing the possibility of mixing up treatments.

Confusing toggle switches and human error lead to many inaccuracies while spraying plots. Researchers who use Alvo can confidently know that their data is accurate and that treatments were applied in the correct locations. This also speeds up the application process by removing the need to constantly check and ensure you are applying the right treatment.

Less prep with each session

Another way Alvo saves time for users by reducing prep time. Alvo stores the maps created by researchers so that each time a trial needs to be treated, Alvo is ready to go. Additionally, customers can spend less time recreating new maps every year. Alvo saves previous maps to help users keep an accurate record of what they are testing and speed up the planning process for the following year. 

Software you can trust

Alvo, integrated with Mirus™ Data Collection Software, controls your field applicator with GPS precision. A reliable software like Mirus means that operators have precision they can depend on. Mirus navigation assures the correct treatment is applied, eliminating location guessing and human error. Using software to control your field applicator eliminates the confusing toggle switch boxes most operators are used to. With a user-friendly interface, customers don’t have to spend hours training their employees how to use Alvo.

Easy to integrate  

Alvo hardware is also easily installed into all sizes of sprayers. HarvestMaster knows a total hardware and software solution needs to fit the needs of a wide array of customers. So our engineers worked hard to ensure Alvo is compatible with as many sprayers as possible. Alvo has a place in your field, no matter what equipment you’re using. 

The Alvo™ Field Applicator mounted to a sprayer.

Alvo is versatile; anything controlled with valves that turn on and off can be controlled through Mirus. Alvo can be used on up to 24 different products, saving users time and minimizing the possibility of mixing up treatments. Please contact us for questions about specific customizations and a complete list of compatible field applicators.

Safe work conditions

In addition to efficiency and accuracy, HarvestMaster also strives to provide safety to our users. Researchers that don’t have a multi-product applicator like Alvo, must use a spray boom they use by hand to apply treatments. By eliminating the hand boom, operators no longer need to walk through the applied product as they are working, eliminating the threat of direct exposure to the products being applied. Alvo’s multi-boom sprayer removes the operator from being harmed by the products they are working with.

Live customer support

We know excellent products are nothing without outstanding customer service. HarvestMaster is here for you year-round, not just during harvest season. Our team of experts is available to assist with technical issues or questions about the Alvo Field Applicator. 

The Alvo Field Applicator was designed with the users in mind. At HarvestMaster, we pride ourselves on providing reliable data to our customers. With an automated and efficient application process, an adaptable design, and world-class support, users need the Alvo Field Applicator for their next growing season. Contact us today to learn more about why Alvo is right for you.